Brand team HAN

The Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN University of Applied Science) offers a minor on brand management. This has been developed by the study Communication of the Faculty Economy and Management of the HAN, in collaboration with various experts from both science and real life. During the period of half a year (one semester) 25 students attend lectures and workshops on the theory and practice of brand management. In groups of five students, they work on a project, in addition to a number of individual assignments. One of these groups will perform research on the brand of Green Cross Netherlands: how to manage it better and how to profile ourselves more effectively in the marketplace.

A short description of the students:
– Emma Kleinreesink, 20 years, Commercial Economy
– Maud van der Leij, 19 years, Food & Business
– Robin Rozema, 22 years, Communication Media Design (Content Design)
– Janique Bruin, 21 years, Event Management
– Nioby Bolder, 21 years, Facility Management

From left to right on the picture you will find: Top row – Robin, Nioby and Emma. Lower row – Maud and Janique.

Brandteam HAN

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