Founders (or PLATINUM sponsors) gift at least € 25.000,- to Green Cross Netherlands (GCNL) and make it possible that GCNL can upgrade an existing project or start a completely new project.

As a favor in return, GCNL offers that Founders will:

  • be mentioned prominently with name and logo on the GCNL website and project website;
  • be showcased on banners, flyers, and presentations at events;
  • receive a profile presentation on the GCNL website and project website;
  • be actively promoted among the other GC divisions worldwide;
  • receive an elaborate professional MVO Optimal SCANS (Sustainability & Circularity Assessment & Normation System) by dr. Reinier de Nooij of Optimal Planet, which is based on five levels. Per level, there are various themes, through which an insightful overall picture of the organization is given. Including an interview beforehand, a report detailing the results, a meeting with Reinier to discuss the results, and customized advice for your organization.


  • get a research report in which will be analyzed whether the organization/business is apt to have a professional promo-video made by Studio Birthplace;
  • receive five free tickets for open conventions where SfA-speakers are speaking (to be used freely within The Netherlands);
  • be mentioned in the next upcoming newsletter;
  • have their CR-policy illustrated in a special blog post;
  • get media attention in unique social media posts;
  • receive a set of books on sustainability;
  • be mentioned with name and logo on the GCNL website;
  • receive the newsletter 4x per year for an unlimited number of recipients.

Contact us to see what the possibilities are for your organization!


Rosa Luxemburgstraat 10
6663 LB Lent/Nijmegen
The Netherlands

+31 40 7878787