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and contribute to a sustainable future for the earth and all her inhabitants.

Green Cross Netherlands is supported by funds, grants, and donations of institutions and companies who have put the protection of people and the environment high on their agenda.

To initiate and carry out our work and projects we are also dependent on your support. If you can relate to our organization, your donation is warmly welcomed! This will make you into the green engine behind our projects.

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With a minimum monthly donation of €10,- for at least a year, we would like to offer a gift in the form of a special book. You can choose between the books listed below (specify your preference in the ‘comments’ field.

“Manifesto for the Earth” (English) by our founder Mikhail Gorbachev;

“Silent Spring” (English) by Rachel Carson;

“The New Human Rights Movement: Reinventing the Economy to End Oppression (English) by Peter Joseph.

  Silent Spring New Human Rights Movement

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