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The speakers fees from the speakers from SfA are fully distributed as a gift to what we call ‘impact projects’, which are NGOs, foundations, projects and organizations that are working on the transition to a sustainable world. Together with these organizations we define a concrete and defined project that is supported by SfA. When making a booking, the speaker is free to choose which impact project(s) he/ she wishes to transfer the fee to. The client who hires the speaker via SfA also undertakes to clearly state in the announcements and program booklets of the event that the speaker fully donates his fee. In addition, substantive information is provided about the impact projects supported by the speakers.

On this page you will find a first selection of NGOs / projects with, if available, also a project description. The special SfA booking platform is also currently under development. Here you will find the temporary website (NL / EN) with more information about the initiative.

WakaWaka Foundation

Portable and sustainable solar energy products
The WakaWaka Foundation believes that everyone should have access to clean, affordable energy. The sun is the solution for people who live in an area without electricity. The WakaWaka Foundation strives to provide safe, sustainable and self-sufficient solutions for electricity and light to people at the bottom of the pyramid.

Veerhuis in Varik

The whole Earth on the World Heritage List

Earth is not a revenue model, but a service model. Earth also does not fit into the market economy. Its value is too great in an economy of supply and demand. There is only one supply: Earth. The Veerhuis is therefore campaigning to repurchase its land once from the economy and make it unsaleable for eternity as the start of the project to put the entire Earth on the World Heritage List.

Just Diggit

Greening up dry land

Justdiggit kickstarts large-scale landscape restoration projects in Africa by retaining rainwater and introducing sustainable agriculture to create healthy ecosystems. This prevents erosion, floods and further land degradation. This can restore vegetation, landscapes and biodiversity.

Inti Wara Yassi

Wildlife conservation and education
For more than 20 years, Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY) has been working in Bolivia for wildlife saved from illegal trade. They also give disadvantaged youth a purpose in their lives by involving them in wildlife care and learning to respect the Bolivian society wildlife. They work to combat illegal trade, preserve flora and fauna and rehabilitate wildlife.

Green Cross Mobility

A greener future through electric car sharing
Green Cross Mobility (GCM) is an initiative of Green Cross Netherlands that is devoted to creating a greener future via an electric shared car system. Sharing an electric car with a cluster of users reduces both CO2 emissions and the number of cars in production and use.

Peace Brigades International

Protecting nature by protecting people
Peace Brigades International – The Netherlands (PBI) strives to better protect human rights defenders who defend nature and environmental rights. By being impartial and always nonviolent, PBI stands for everyone being able to stand up for their rights. PBI offers protection in Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Kenya, Indonesia and Nepal.

Lion Heart Medical Center

A hospital with lion’s courage
The Lion Heart hospital in Sierra Leone offers accessible and affordable (largely subsidized) high-quality healthcare for the inhabitants of the Gbonkolenken, Valunia and the Kamajei chiefdom, with a combined population of approximately 111,500 inhabitants. Between 800 and 1200 patients are seen per month, 60 to 70 operations are performed and between 30 and 50 deliveries are performed.


Microcredit for entrepreneurs in developing countries
Wakibi supports enterprising entrepreneurs in developing countries through microcredits. Self-reliance is central to Wakibi. Through the micro-loan, Wakibi gives those in need in developing countries the opportunity to build an independent life. This SfA impact project invests money in small-scale farmers. This means that households with money buy small livestock to provide for their living.


Securing land rights for the poorest of the poor
More than a billion people worldwide live in extreme poverty, partly because they are unsure of their legal rights to a crucial property: land. Landesa works to improve the lives of millions of the world’s poorest people, especially rural women and men, by securing land rights, providing opportunities and promoting social justice.


Sustainable and fair production chains

Solidaridad works together with enterprising farmers and workers to make their work more sustainable. In this way they earn more, with less damage to people and the environment. They work together on a sustainable economy with everyone involved, from producer to consumer, with governments and social organizations, in every step of the production chain.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Emergency medical care in conflict areas, natural disasters and outbreaks of deadly diseases.
MSF sends its own doctors, psychologists or other specialists in crisis situations. Their experts first make an inventory of the situation and the requirements. How many people, medicines and goods are needed is passed on to the head office. They then ensure that all necessary items go to the area as quickly as possible.

Speakers for Awareness

Speakers for Awareness creates awareness and impact
To make this possible, investments are required and ongoing costs are incurred. You can think of building and maintaining a (multilingual) website; maintain contact with existing speakers, customers and NGOs; contracting new speakers and NGOs; handling bookings and promoting the initiative. That is why it is also possible to transfer (part of) your fee to the SfA project itself.

Semilla Sanitation Hubs

Aerospace Technology for a Sustainable Earth
Semilla modules form enclosed wastewater treatment units that use advanced aerospace technology to convert sanitary wastewater into clean water and manure for food production. The units are very flexible and can be placed in the most extreme conditions, in first aid, development and permanent situations.

Water for Life

Clean drinking water and good sanitation for everyone
The Water for Life Foundation is committed to clean water and sanitation in countries where these are not self-evident. Some 884 million people around the world have no access to clean drinking water and 2.4 billion people lack proper sanitation. They install water pipes, build taps and toilets and provide hygiene training.

Africa Wood Grow

Greening and making agriculture more sustainable

Greening a landscape is not something you do on your own. Africa Wood Grow Foundation works together with Kenyan farmers on restorative agriculture with sustainable food production. Landscape erosion is a major problem. By applying other farming methods, which are inspired by permaculture, the affiliated farmers can make their own land healthy and resilient again, whereby water is retained and there is room for biodiversity.

Take a look at the Speakers for SfA

Take a look at the speakers of SfA who all have earned their sustainable tracks. With their message they raise awareness on the one hand about the transition to a sustainable society. On the other hand, they choose to make their full fees available to local, national and international impact projects of NGOs with a sustainable mission.

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