Join to Amplify the Change: Speakers for Awareness is launched autumn 2019!

Speakers for Awareness (SfA) is a speaker platform with the purpose to increase the impact on and awareness of ecological, economic and social sustainability.

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Speakers for Awareness

Why Speakers for Awareness

Speakers for Awareness (SfA) is a speaker platform founded in The Netherlands in 2019, under the flag of Green Cross Netherlands (part of the international sustainability and environmental organization Green Cross International, founded in 1993 by former President Mikhail Gorbachev).

Speakers for Awareness is a platform with the following goals:

  1. Offering speakers to the market who shine their light on ecological, social and economic sustainability and how to answer these challenges.
  2. Donating fees of speakers to what we call ‘impact projects’ from NGO’s, foundations and other organizations which are working on the transition to a sustainable world.
  3. Increasing the awareness of and transition to a sustainable society on the one hand and directly supporting local, national and international impact project with similar goals on the other hand.

The speaker-market is a large market to which millions of euros flow – and that’s just in The Netherlands. Currently, this money is largely going to commercial parties. SfA will use this money flow to speed up sustainable development in ecological, social and economic areas.

Several topics are:


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