How can it be so that we’re hardly taking action?

Never before in history, so many people have been growing up in an urban environment like today. Since the Industrial Revolution, the world population has doubled. We are already emitting dangerous amounts of greenhouse gasses for over 100 years, which is causing the Earth to heat up. This is having major consequences for us as people and the planet.

Nature is not in a good state, and this is on us. Still, we are hardly acting on this knowledge. For most of us, the alarming messages in the media only give rise to a growing feeling of powerlessness. All the while when a fundamental shift in social, technological and economic structures is necessary. And we can all contribute to this shift. The Earth is changing; this is a fact. But how it will change, we can still determine ourselves.

32% decrease worldwide forestation
10x more plastic pollution since 1980
25% of all (8 million) plant and animal species is threatened

Mother Nature is speaking

Julia Roberts is the voice of Mother Nature in this powerful and confronting video of Conservation International. This short video is a real wake-up call about the relationship between humans and the Earth.

“How you choose to live each day, whether you regard or disregard me, doesn’t really matter to me. One way or the other, your actions will determine your faith. Not mine.”

What we do

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It's not about 'me' and 'them', it's about 'us'. Spreading knowledge, growing awareness and taking action.

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"To create a world we want to live in, we have to do it together. Green Cross contributes to this awareness and takes action that actually makes an impact."
Harm Edens

(TV-)host and participant Speakers for Awareness

Foto Harm Edens en Salamander
"Honoring Mother Earth is not easily forgotten for those who are living that honor to do so."
Tiokasin Ghosthorse

Participant Speakers for Awareness

Tiokasin Ghosthorse

To a sustainable future!

Our goal is to increase awareness of ecological, social and economic sustainability. On our project pages, you can read how we are doing this.

Amplify the Change

Fortunately, behind the news reports on climate refugees, melting ice caps, floods, extreme droughts, extinct species and politicians in denial, a worldwide movement is growing. This movement of people is demonstrating things can be done differently. We want to shine a light on these initiatives. Will you join us?

95% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions relative to 1990
1.5 ºC limitation of the heating of the earth to 1.5 ºC
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