Sustainable Online Conferencing

Collaborating, connecting and creating a positive impact

For this project, Green Cross has entered into a collaboration with the student organization AGREEn of Radboud University in Nijmegen. Green Cross warmly supports the desire of these students to put their academic thinking and creativity to use for practical solutions for real-life challenges. This is a collaboration that fits perfectly with our vision of collaborating and making a positive impact.

An ambitious and visionary climate agenda for universities

Inspiration for this project came among else, from the Climate Letter Universities in which a coalition of academics call unto universities and their employees to take their responsibility in regards to climate change and pursue an ambitious climate policy. The Climate Letter has currently been signed by over 1400 employees of universities, like professors, academics, and researchers.

Besides universities, multinationals, and governments are also within the scope of our project.

“Researchers cannot expect to be taken seriously in the debate about climate change if they do not execute themselves the measures they propose. We need to get our act together if we want others to listen.”

‘Academic Flying’ to reduce the impact of flying and other conference costs

Foundation Geen Cross Netherlands strives to reduce ‘academic flying’  – because of the negative impact on the environment – and create a digital platform instead. It is about shifting current offline activities like conferences, to a more environmentally friendly alternative. The goal is to reduce the need for academic flying and save on the costs which are involved in conferencing on an external location.

From the research among selected stakeholders, will follow what the optimal design of such a platform could be. In the design of this platform, the technological and practical feasibility, and the possible scaling-up need to be taken into account. Higher applicability increases the chances for bigger impact, and this translates directly to the environmental gain that Green Cross Netherlands focuses on in this project.

Academisch Vliegen

Decreasing emissions by reducing flights for conferences and conventions has a major positive impact on our world.

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