Green Cross Nederland is back in business, and this is why (blog 05/07/19)

Never before in history, this many people have grown up in an urban environment. Since the industrial revolution, the world population has doubled. And even though the current economy has brought us a lot of prosperity, for over a hundred years we have been emitting so many greenhouse emissions that the earth is heating up at a dangerous pace. This has major consequences for us and the planet.

This increasing debt to the environment implies that we should more intelligently deal with our environment. If we will continue in this manner, we are heading towards an unlivable planet.

That’s why we want to increase the awareness of one of the biggest problems of our time: climate change. A problem that is so extensive, that for most of us it creates a feeling of powerlessness. And this powerlessness is polarizing the political landscape not just in The Netherlands, but worldwide.

We want to do something about this. Since how bad it is going to be, we can still decide ourselves.

Looming behind the news messages about climate refugees, melting ice caps, floods, extreme droughts, extinct species, and politicians in denial, a worldwide movement is growing which is demonstrating that things can be done differently. We are writing the future of this earth ourselves.

Will you join us?


Picture by Stephen Radford

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