Chemical and Explosive North Sea

Green Cross Netherlands has set itself the goal to collaborate with partners to map the pollution of the North Sea after WOII by legal and illegal dumping of a range of weaponry, among which large quantities of chemical weapons – which will likely pose a big threat to our environment – and inform the Dutch public.

Read more in this article of Eos Science (2013): ‘Bomb-cemetery under North Sea larger and more poisonous than expected.’ (Dutch)

And also read this article in Trouw newspaper (2011): ‘Dumped munition is time-bomb.’ (Dutch)

Preliminary research plan

– Map the status of the North Sea (mostly the sea at the Netherlands and Belgium, but maybe at France, Spain, and England too). How many dumping areas are there exactly? What quantity of chemical weapons are we talking about? And what kind of waste is it?
– Build a network of organizations and persons who have been involved with this issue longer.
– Describe the findings in a report for the national media.
– Present the report at various internal and external meetings and events.
– Share the accumulated knowledge with Green Cross International, our Green Cross sister organizations worldwide (translated in English) and other Dutch environmental organizations.

We will start our research in September 2019 and will report our findings in December 2020.

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Chemical weapons North Sea

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