The Green Master Test

On February 7, 2019, 700 high-school students from the first two grades came to the Lindenberg in Nijmegen to attend the ‘Groene Meesterproef’ (‘Green Master Test’).

The event aimed at enlarging the awareness of climate change and providing skills in the areas of engineering and problem-solving. With these skills, this generation will be able to pave a new way forward: to a sustainable future!


Picture by Hilde Peters

Discovery and innovation

During this day, the central question was: ‘What can I do to contribute to a sustainable world, now and in the future?’ But also: ‘What do have to be able to do and know to have a sustainable profession and what skills do you need for this?’

To explore this, the students participated in various workshops in diverse categories, among which were: Knowledge & Awareness, Engineering & Transport, and Nature & Nutrition. Experiments were done with hydrogen; students were able to make 3D-prints, could pose questions to forest ranger Tim and designed a sustainable society through design thinking.

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Picture by Hilde Peters

In short, the ‘Green Master Test’ was an educational, inspiring, and mostly a very fun day where the students became more familiar with the role they could play in a sustainable future and the knowledge and skills they can employ for this purpose.

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