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Mobility determines a large part of your environmental footprint. This can, and has to be, decreased – we believe at Green Cross Netherlands.

With the initiative ‘Green Cross Mobility’, Green Cross Netherlands devotes itself to creating a greener future through an electric car-sharing system. Users download a custom made app on their smartphones, by which they can reserve a car for a specified timeframe and unlock the car for use. And off they go! Without the noise, stench, and emissions that come with conventional cars.

We are operating in collaboration with our automotive partner Wensink.

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Our goals

Through Green Cross Mobility, we are aiming for the following broad goals:

  1. Decrease carbon emissions by promoting driving electric cars instead of fossil fuel-powered cars.
  2. Promote sustainable charging energy, based on solar and wind power.
  3. Reduce the number of cars on the street utilizing car-sharing to (a) improve the use of public space and (b) decrease the footprint of car production.
  4. Create a community of users by working with clusters and thus enhance social cohesion.

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Test week and pilot

The project started mid-September with a test week at the shared living community Eikpunt in Lent (North Nijmegen) in cooperation with Nijmegen European Green Capital 2018 in the context of the European Mobility Week. The city council of Nijmegen took care of the placing of two charging stations in the parking place next to Eikpunt. Almost 60 people experienced this week what it is like to drive an electric shared car.

Since the successful test week, GCM is actively working to set up a multiple-year pilot in Eikpunt. Different cars will be available, based on the needs of the users.

When the pilot will be successful, Green Cross will expand the Mobility project to other cities and other groups of participants. Ultimately, the project has to be a showcase for what’s possible for other Green Cross countries.

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