Newsletter Summer 2019 (blog 18/07/2019)

Green Cross Nederland is back in business

And we have a good reason for this. Never before in history, this many people have grown up in an urban environment. Since the industrial revolution, the world population has doubled. And even though the current economy has brought us a lot of prosperity, for over a hundred years we have been emitting so many greenhouse emissions that the earth is heating up at a dangerous pace. This has major consequences for us and the planet. If we continue in this manner, we are heading towards an unliveable planet. This is the reason why we are working to increase awareness of one of the major problems of our time: climate change. A problem that is so extensive, that for most people it brings forward a feeling of powerlessness.

We are here to change this. How bad (or good) this will become, we will still determine ourselves. There is a worldwide movement growing of people who show that things can be done differently. We are placing them into the spotlight. The future of the Earth – a chapter we are now writing ourselves.

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“We have to create the world we want to live in together. And cán live in. Hurry, please! Green Cross contributes to this awakening and takes action that actually creates impact.”

Nieuwsbrief zomer 2019

Tv-host and Speakers for Awareness-participant Harm Edens

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