Fukushima study trip

Fukushima Study Trip in ‘Het Klokhuis’ (blog 17/07/19)

In cooperation with Green Cross Switzerland, Green Cross Netherlands organizes study trips for about 30 to 40 Europeans to the struck Fukushima nuclear power plants in Japan. This group consists mainly of journalists, scientists, politicians, and CEOs of companies. Over the last seven years, hundreds of people have been introduced to the nuclear drama in Fukushima.

‘Het Klokhuis’ was also present in the Dutch delegation of the study trip in April 2018. They made a special episode about this trip, which has been viewed by about 400.000 youngsters and parents. Talking about impact! Missed the show? You can still view it here.

Enorme bergen plastic zakken met hoog radioactief afval in velden aan de kant van de weg-1

Heaps of plastic bags with radioactive waste

English subtitles

Upon request of Green Cross Netherlands, the episode is being supplied with English subtitles. All 26 Green Cross country organizations will then be informed, so they will be able to offer the program to educational institutions in their own country.

‘Het Klokhuis’ offered the recording to the European film institute EBU. The EBU will make sure that as many possible public broadcasting studios in Europe will air this episode. With the result that millions of children in Europe will be able to take knowledge of what has happened in Fukushima.


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